Greek Easter = empty streets

Greek Orthodox Easter is a major holiday over here, same-scale as Christmas, and as it coincides with the begining of spring, most city people take a leave (extended weekend or more) to go back to their villages and roast the traditional Easter lamb as close to their roots as possibly. Athens especially is a barren land at that time, but some foreign visitors might find this a good occasion to walk around town without the traffic hussle of an ordinary day. Do expect to find a lot of closed doors though, as Good Friday is an official holiday and so is Easter Sunday and the Monday after it.

We were also out of Athens for most of the past week and the streets were already looking half-empty here before our departure.
The picture below is from the provincial port-city of Patra (218km west of Athens), taken at a central street at about 7:00pm last Saturday. I think Athens must have been just as empty if not more.

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