Looking west: 48 cityscapes of Athens (part 4)

This post marks the end of a very long and busy semester for me. I was forced to stop exploring Athens and writing about it and instead piled a huge, digital heap of photos onto you; all of them in pre-scheduled posts, thanks to Blogger's latest cool features. I hope you've enjoyed them, together with my short descriptions. As you are reading this, I am probably -and hopefully...- recovering from a long and demanding business trip half a world away.

In the coming months I'm going to focus all my attention on finding a job that I like, in a country that's more welcoming to me than this one has been. On the side I will continue exploring Athens, as I want to tell you as many things as possible about this city and there's already a long list of posts that have been brewing in my mind. For one thing, I want to visit and cover for you every single remaining museum in or near Athens. I must admit I have not been much of a museum person till I started writing this blog, and these visits have really opened my eyes.

So, enjoy these last westward photos, and see you soon, ...in the streets of Athens.

Solar water boilers, reflecting sunlight

Solar water boilers, this time in the background, with some Viburnum tinus lucidum leaves in the foreground.

Right before sunset...

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