Looking west: 48 cityscapes of Athens (part 3)

Here's the third installment of Athens landscapes and cityscapes, looking towards the city's west mountains and suburbs. These are photographs from various seasons and hours of the day.

Sunset view, towards the western exit of the Athens plain; The passage to the west is framed by Mount Egaleo to the South (left) and Mount Poikilo to the North (right); Mount Pateras is the tallest one, sitting further west (center-back).

A sea of apartment blocks ('polykatoikies') with solar water boilers and a rare tall building to the left; in the background Mount Poikilo with the TV antennas.

Wide-angle view of Athens at sunset, with Mount Egaleo to the Southwest (left side) and Mount Poikilo to the West (center and right of picture)

TV antennas at the top of Mount Poikilo, west of Athens

Mount Parnetha, to the Northwest of Athens, with a large TV tower on top of it. Mont Parnes Casino can be seen to the right, below the antennas

Antenna receiver in the foreground; Mount Parnetha with its TV tower / transmitter in the background on a cloudy day

Winter smog, from the burning of fossil fuel, on a cold evening, this past winter in Athens. Mount Pateras in the background (far south west) and Mount Poikilo to the right (west), frame the picture and the Athenian plain.

City lights at dusk, on a cold evening this past winter. To the left of the picture you can see the lights of the highway heading out of the Athens metro area and towards the Peloponissos to the west.

City lights at dusk and smog from fire-places, on a cold evening this past winter in Athens.
The foothills of Mount Parnetha and the last buildings west of the city; metropolitan Athens, Greece
Revolving chimney stacks from an apartment block, with the concrete jungle behind and Mount Poikilo further west

Humanity's worst enemy, sitting on a TV antenna receiver!

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  1. "Humanity's worst enemy": I couldn't agree more! And the most dirty one, I 'd say!
    (Although those pictured are not actually pidgeons, but streptopelias decaocto [δεκαοχτούρα], whose name derives from their voice, sounding like "decaocto" [eighteen] )

    1. :) Technically true! Still, sounding just as bad!


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