Asking for your help - wine offered in exchange (Updated 2011-06-03)

The NJV Athens Plaza Hotel organized an online photo contest called Athens Moments this past May. Although I found out late I submitted a photo (right here) and was lucky to win one of the prizes, the "random drawing" prize! My gift is a platter of Italian anti-pasti and a bottle of wine, to be had at the Hotel's Explorer's Lounge, which looks dazzling cool (I've never been there so far). 
As my wife is currently not drinking (...) and I don't want to look like a drunk with one bottle of wine all to myself, I have decided to have a mini-contest and share this prize with one of you - the blog's visitors, or people  you know who may be coming to Athens for vacations this summer [FYI, according to contest rules the prize cannot be transfered to a 3rd party, so I am not allowed to just give it away to the winner - I have to be there too - sorry!]. So, I had the idea of sharing this and - in exchange -  asking for your help to drive additional traffic to AthensWalker.
I am looking for a blogger - or anyone else with a substantial online (or real life) presence e.g. a decent following on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, professional journalist, professional sports player or self-made millionaire (feel free to oblige...), etc. who would like to tell their friends / followers about the AthensWalker blog. You don't have to suck up to me or anything; your honest opinion will do. I know of the blog's many shortcomings myself and trying to correct them as fast as I can. If you show me you are the right kind of person you can join me at the lounge of the 5-star NJV Athens Plaza Hotel and share my hard-won prize :)

To enter the "contest" just e-mail me right away  and tell me / show me how you can help drive traffic to AthensWalker (through your Facebook friends,  LinkedIn account, English-language Twitter account, English language travel blog or any other way you may have in mind).
And even if you don't have any of these, just send me a note, since I don't know if anyone will reply and you may turn out to be the lucky one after all. There is no end date (other than the coupon's expiration which is August 31, 2011)  but do e-mail me right away if this sounds interesting, as I may pick a winner before the end of the summer. Don't be shy! Just push that send button and send that message.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Just had a quick dip into a couple of the places listed on the right. This looks wonderful. I have a B & B in Peania & don't get much time to walk around Athens and investigate everywhere. I will suggest all my guests take a look at it to pick up some tips and of course I will too - maybe when summer is over!!

  2. Thank you very much for your nice words Janet. I hope your guests find it of interest too!


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