More light installations! A great one at Psirri.

Following my previous post on the Merchants' Arcade light installation, here is another work sample of the "BeforeLight" group, this time in collaboration with the "Imagine the City" group. I find this one to be much more successful, from a planning / effectiveness point of view, and even more stunning, both visually and as a concept.

Light installation at Pittaki St., Psirri neighbourhood, Athens, Greece

It is located in Psirri neighborhood. Psirri was Athens' major entertainment hub in the 1990's / early 2000s. It took a downward trajectory at the end of that decade due to some safety problems, but has since made a relative comeback. It's no longer "the place to be", but it's an interesting area to go out for a calm, easy-going night out, such as a dinner or a drink, and it's very close (i.e. a few minutes walk) to Monastiraki and Thission which are more popular with locals and tourists these days.

Pittaki St., Psiri neighbourhood, Athens, Greece

This installation has been around since the summer of 2013. A number of old, used, lighting fixtures were hang on top of a narrow, dark alley, that nonetheless was fairly central, connecting the main Ermou St. with the inner part of Psirri. A new street was essentially born this way; one that had been hanging around dark and silent, like a Zombie, now brought to life in a most beautiful way.

Light installation at Pittaki St., Psiri neighborhood, Athens, Greece

Light installation at Pittaki St., Psirri neighborhood, Athens, Greece

Pittaki St., Psirri neighbourhood, Athens, Greece

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