Photographic walk along the Faliro and Alimos coast (pt.2)

Following last week's first part of my walk along the coast of the Saronic Gulf, south of Athens, this is the second installment, heading further south from Paleo Faliro to Alimos. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.

People swimming at the coast of Paleo Faliro, south of Athens and not too far from the port of Piraeus.

A mini-square / chess board on the coast of Paleo Faliro

Things can get really... exciting here, during certain summer evenings!

Even dogs are captured by the game!

Further on, a man on his motorbike leaves the beach...

Olympic memories... don't get any respect!

Church of the Assumption (Koimissi Theotokou) at Achilleos St., Paleo Faliro. This is where tram lines intersect, with one heading north to Piraeus and the other further south to the coastal suburbs of Alimos, Glyfada and Voula.

An organized beach at the southernmost edge of Paleo Faliro

A tram train and the usually busy, coastal, Posidonos Avenue, Paleo Faliro [Greater Athens], Greece

Crossing the municipal "border" to Alimos you almost immediately sense the change. Here, the coastal walk is badly in need of repair and even dangerous at some points. However lots of people hang around too and some even choose to swim here. Again, I just wouldn't advise it and have never done it myself...

Cafeterias, walkers and bikers on Alimos coastal promenade

Some locals choose to swim here, perhaps due to lack of other affordable alternatives

There's also a big playground in Alimos, a few meters from the coast, that used to be quite impressive but now (July 2013) it's really in need of repair and has become home to homeless people among others. The one place that seemed to stand out the most, and benefit from this situation was a small private "carnival" (in the American sense of the word / a mini amusement park) where most of the kids and their parents chose to hang out. Alimos is also home to a WWII Allied Forces Cemetery, right on Posidonos Avenue, but that's a topic for another post.

A small train carrying excited children is part of the coastal "carnival" of Alimos...

Right before the playground / carnival and coastal walk, in a small bay, there's the Alimos marina where lots of small boats are being hosted. The Alimos marina does not offer the amenities of the one at Flisvos and has more of a small harbor type of feeling. The views however, can be just as captivating here.
Fishing boats and fishing nets at Alimos marina, Alimos [Greater Athens], Greece

Dusk at Alimos Marina, Alimos [Greater Athens], Greece
Dusk at Alimos Marina, Alimos, Greece
Dusk at Alimos Marina, Alimos, Greece. Sun setting behind the port city of Piraeus

Sun setting behind the port city of Piraeus. View from Alimos marina, south of Athens.


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