A Greek food festival in Athens

I went to Technopolis-Gazi today, the former gaz works factory turned culture centre, for a festival of Greek food, bringing together small producers from all over the country. The festival, co-sponsored by the City of Athens and Athinorama magazine, is a chance for people in the food and restaurant industry to network between them and with people form other fields but it is also open to the general public for a price of 5€ /day (running from Friday to Sunday). I imagine that if it turns out to be a success, on commercial criteria, it might as well be repeated next year or later, so look out for the "upcoming events" list here, some time next spring.

Saturday was a beautiful day anyway, so walking and sampling various treats in between, from the stalls of producers and merchants just felt like the right thing to do!

Courtyard of Technopolis-Gazi, Athens, Greece
A small restaurant at the couryard of Technopolis - Gazi

Indoor halls were almost packed by midday.

A booth with Greek sausages and other deli meats

Spreads of various kinds (tomato & chili, tomato & garlic, tomato & feta cheese, etc.)

Basturma (pasturma in Greek), sausages and more...

An olive oil from Rethymon, Crete with really fine taste and a spectacular design for its bottle

Mushrooms from Northern Greece

Eel, cut and sliced

A portable bee-hive (these are live bees in there!) and...
...the product of their work. Honey of various varieties.

Back in the courtyard, an Athens bakery chain was providing bread for people eating there

Four of the best restaurants in Greece were serving bite-sized appetizers based on their regular courses.

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