Athens Walker on Wikileaks...

No, I haven't been "featured" in any Wikileaks document and I'm not just trying to cash in on the whole Wikileaks furor. I just want to point you to a recent document released by Wikileaks (one of a series concerning Greece and Greek politics) which was composed by staff of the US Embassy in Athens and sent back to the US State Department. The document in question deals with the Greek media and is entitled:
"HOW TO READ THE GREEK PRESS: A GUIDE FOR THE UNINITIATED". If you are the kind of visitor who likes to learn more about a country than the typical stuff found in travel books, consider this mandatory reading! As far as I'm concerned, the document is spot on! It doesn't reveal any major secrets or things that aren't obvious to the observant citizen but it is a concise, well-writen, at times even... lyrical, document on the state of mass media in Greece: How they operate, how they survive, their owners' connections and dealings with government officials and politicians and the whole web of interests evolving around them.
It was publicized by the Kathimerini daily newspaper but, unsurprisingly, it has not attracted the kind of attention it should from media. If it were up to me I would just copy the whole thing and include it word for word in any serious guide book on Greece. Read it and you'll understand why. It makes for a pleasant and informative read. View here or download.

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