Agora in Athens (the restaurant, not the archeological site!)

Another restaurant suggestion in Athens. I know this is really not "proper" content for a blog named "Athens Walker" but there is a connection somewhere. You have to burn all these calories by ...walking. And walkers do eat too, you know.


Address – Area: Alexandras Ave & Vournazou 31, [Ampelokipoi, aka Ambelokipi, neighborhood], Athens
Tel: 210-64.26.238
Date: 2009-04-22 (and various other times)
Cuisine: Greek / international - Mediterranean
Overall Opinion: Positive.
Methods of payment: Cash, credit-cards.
Working Hours: Mon-Sat: 10.00am – 02:30am, Sundays: 12.00 to 20.00
Website: http://www.agora-restaurant.gr/

1 salad (w/ fresh rocket, prosciutto, parmesan and semi-dried tomatoes)
1 beef liver in tomato sauce with rice
1 chicken with sauce
1 grilled cod fish
2 large (500ml) glasses of Amstel draught beer
1 small (330ml) glass of Heineken draught beer
Bread for 3
Price: 57.00€

Presentation / Ambience: The wooden deck, tables and chairs and wood-covered walls all give a warm feeling to the place which is compounded by the easy-going attitude of the staff and the simplicity (and size!) of their dishes. Definitely has an air of – unpretentious - quality as compared to most Athens restaurants which often are either too simple (for better or worse) or –inexcusably- snooty. Agora almost defines a category of its own, combining the best of both worlds and keeping prices at reasonable levels.

Food / Drinks: Dishes are large and always accompanied by rice or fries or baked potatoes (ask…). You don’t need (shouldn’t!) order many appetizers. A main dish each and a salad-to-share should be enough for 2-3 persons. Traditional Greek / Mediterranean tastes with a modern / refined edge. A decent Greek wine list.

Service: Fast, friendly, simple, attentive. It really can be that simple!

Location / Getting there: Right next to the Ambelokipi Metro Station at the corner of Soutsou and Vournazou streets. On your right hand side as you walk up along Alexandras Avenue.
If you are coming by Metro, exit the Station by the exit that points to “Alexandras – Soutsou” and when upstairs turn around you to face Soutsou and Vournazou streets.

Other locations (updated 2014-02-16):
There used to be two more Agora branches, one next to the Athens Hilton and another in the suburb of Halandri, but they sat down in the past couple of years. So, don't go looking for them if you see them mentioned in some travel guide.

See map of Athens restaurants at the bottom of this page.

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