Images from the non-touristy side of Athens (pt.1)

Most people visiting Athens come here during the sunny months of the year and visit the main tourist attractions / archaeological sites for a couple of days before heading off to the islands or some other inland destination. So, they never get to see the side of Athens that locals do and which, for some twisted reason, I seem to prefer, at least photographically. On the other hand, it is true that if I visited Greece during the summer months I'd probably rather spend more time in the countryside or the islands than stay in the often sweltering heat of Athens. 

"Pedion Areos" park; view towards the west of Athens, Greece

So, take these next two posts (and a few previous ones) as a public service to those of you who will never get to experience our narrow streets of greyness, the sprawling urban jungle or a cold, windy and rainy day during your Greek vacation. All these photos (9 today and another 9 in the following post) were shot from a terrace in Gyzi neighborhood around dusk, on such a grey, winter evening last January, as a storm was fast approaching from the west. I like the ones towards the end better, but all of them together provide a "picture" of the gradual setting of the light and the coming of darkness which gives the city a much different character.

Evening view towards the west of Athens, Greece; "Pedion Areos" park and OTE building at Patission St. on the right

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