Pictures from Clean Monday - Athens, Greece

It was "Clean Monday" (a.k.a. "Shrove Monday") today - the day right after Carnival and 48 days before Easter Sunday. Most Athenians, especially those with children, headed to the nearby hills and parks to fly a kite and have a picnic (or lunch in a nearby taverna, since this is still Athens and not the "real country-side") and we were there too. 
The weather was cloudy for most of the day but I still managed to get a few pictures, from the "Alsos Veikou" park in the suburb of Galatsi. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking for today.

Selling kites - for those waiting till the last minute

(Attempt at) flying a kite - Alsos Veikou park, Galatsi - Greater Athens

A big crowd was out for Clean Monday, even though the weather was not really inviting

Alsos Veikou park, Galatsi - Greater Athens

Flying high

Five kites up in the sky

Some failed attempts - Kites most likely destroyed

Flying like a bird

A crowded sky, full of kites

Easy going...

A big crowd both in the park and in the sky

Even infants were brought out today!

Four more kites, flying high above Alsos Veikou park, Galatsi - Greater Athens

Struggling, in the grass

Time for a picnic

Parents and children - Learning to fly

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