Greek Salad Alert!

We interrupt this staycation / vacation to bring you a special food bulletin! As I've told you before, I never write a restaurant presentation if I haven't visited a place at least twice. However, some small exceptions may be in line, and this is one of them. I know that the so-called "Greek salad" -we call it horiatiki (village salad)- is at the top of many people's gastronomic checklist when visiting Greece. However, as it's something of a summer staple many restaurant owners don't pay much attention to it and finding a Greek salad that goes above average is a real challenge. 

Well, to make a long story short, last night we just had the best Greek salad we've ever had in Athens and one of the top three ever. The people responsible for this can be found at Melilotos restaurant, in the heart of Athens, not far from the Monastiraki area. The salad we had is a rather bold variation of the typical Greek salad but it stays clearly within the range of what one might expect of it. Its ingredients were tomatos, cucumbers, small black olives (but not Kalamata olives), a very discreet amount of spring onions, a sweetened balsamic vinegar from the area of Zitsa / Ioannina (mostly known for its white sparkling wine), some crunchy lasagna leaves(!) from the island of Chios, xinomyzithra cheese (instead of the typical feta) and (another surprise) fresh spearmint leaves that blend surprisingly well and add an extra flavor to the mix!

Melilotos is located at 19 Kalamiotou St., Athens. It's very close to Kapnikarea church at Ermou St. and not far from Monastiraki (and Syntagma) Metro Stations. I'll make a fuller presentation in the future (after a second visit) but for the moment I think I've given you enough of a motive to visit it.
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