Radio Stations in Athens, Greece (updated: 2014-06-08)

One of the things I like about traveling abroad is the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the local TV or radio stations. I think that TV helps you get a quick feel and impression, even if polished, of the country's attitudes and culture.  However, I don't have any suggestions regarding TV in Athens, as Greek TV is mostly a huge pile of trash [note to self: remember to present things in a positive light!].  The only good thing about it is that foreign films and TV series are projected in their original language, with Greek subtitles.
Radio stations (or TV music stations) on the other hand help you get away from your personal CD / mp3 collection and possibly expand your music horizons or at least discover some new pop song that you like and which isn't part of your favorite station's rotation back in the home land. So, if you are the type of person who prefers to search for music in the local radio stations when you travel, instead of plunging into your MP3 player, these are some short suggestions for you, all in the FM dial in the wider Athens area:

En Lefko 87.7FM is my favorite station to listen to. The station's name means something like "blank slate" or "with no limitations" and it features a mixture of jazz, funk, soul, rock and blues, sprinkled with Italian and French songs from past decades and occasional electronica tracks, all mixed in a fitting way. Unknown covers of classic pop and rock songs also dot its playlist quite often. In the morning hours (10:00-12:00), they have a very popular radio show featuring... international celebrity DJ, Tzoom de la Tzoom de la Fuente (which is actually the nickname of actor Konstantinos Tzoumas) and ...Kafka in the music selection (seriously! -kind of...). You can also listen to En Lefko online.  
Radio Pepper 96.6FM offers a similar type of programming, sometimes better than the original.

Most state radio stations also offered tasteful programming but were shut down in June 2013 and are currently under a re-organization plan. "Trito Programma" (3rd Programme) that has an extensive classical music offering went back on air in June 2014. You may tune in at 90.9FM or 95.6FM or listen live.

Giannis Petridis' classic radio-show, with the assistance of his long-time collaborator Costas Zougris, has moved to Vima FM 99.5, 6:00-8:00pm every weekday, after 38 years in the State Radio. The show had been running continuously, in various formats, from 1974 till today! Yannis is a member of a select group of rock'n'roll experts that comprise the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame voting body (one of only a handful of Europeans) and his show is a music information radio show, so don't judge him wrongly if you think he's sometimes "interrupting the songs"....

For contemporary, English-language, pop music check-out Athens Radio DJ 95.2 (mostly pop / dance) and, for a more pop-rock twist, Red FM 96.3 and Rock FM 96.9.

For some good quality Greek music, your best choices were the State radio's "second programme" (currently not on-air), Diessi 101.3FM and Melodia 99.2FM. Enjoy your listening, whether in Athens or abroad!

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