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From now on, you may also follow me on Twitter, where I shall tweet "images from Athens"; sometimes with words, sometimes with photos. My goal is to document life in Athens for the next 365 days of the year, with small snippets of reality; photographic and verbal / literary.
As a photographer, I know I shouldn't be doing this. Picking the right photos to show (and destroying the rest of them) is a good part of building a serious profile. And forcing myself to show one picture per day is really crossing my limits. However, the essence here is to capture things as they are, to push myself to overcome my boundaries and my inhibitions as a photographer and -last and least- to familiarize myself with using my newly acquired HTC cell phone. [If you are wondering on what type of camera is best for street photography read the interesting article and ensuing discussion here, as well as this]
As someone writing on Athens and Greece, my intention is to try to give visitors an idea of life here, without staying only on the "touristy" side of things, although that will be present too. I will, simply, follow my mood.
Most pictures will be outdoors, but not necessarily all of them. And many will be "simply" descriptions. 
Bottomline: Follow me on Twitter. 365 days from now we shall see the result of this.
In the meantime, I will continue to enrich the blog with larger guides, tips and walks from the greater Athens area.

(Update 2012-04-03: In short, total failure :) I lost my interest in Twitter fairly fast, although I still keep my account to notify about new posts and updates. Trying to find the next smartsy thing to say each day just doesn't interest me. And being continuously on the lookout for interesting street photographs is just not possible when you have a dozen things on your mind -and your good camera not always with you. However it was an interesting exercise. I have been concentrating on building a real, comprehensive guide of Athens and that is  -surprisingly - much easier to me as I can pace myself and use all of my free time, instead of just being out there prowling for pictures.)

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