Lofos Strefi (Strefi Hill)

A suggestion for a walk on the... wildish side today.
Tucked between the central Athens neighborhood of Exarcheia and Alexandras Avenue, Lofos Strefi doesn’t have much to offer in itself, except for some nice views and the rare chance to walk in a woody, non-paved area. At night, the area is rumored to be relatively unsafe (frequented by drug addicts) and it certainly isn’t well lit. But during the day you can walk up the hill (mind the possible drug syringes on the ground, esp. if you wear sandals) for an …alternative view of Athens, in the shadow of the nearby, and much more clean-cut, Lykavittos Hill.
Lykavittos Hill as seen from Strefi Hill (this is probably Tsimiski St. connecting the two hills)

Lofos Strefi with a view to the W-SW of Athens. The fairly unbuilt part on the left side, in the background, is the Votanikos industrial area where the new soccer stadium of Panathinaikos will be built in a couple of years

How to get there:
-From the center of Athens (e.g. Akadimias Ave.) walk up along Emm. Benaki St. or Themistokleous St. These two streets dead-end at some point. Right after that, walk up the steps and you will see the path leading up to the hill right in front of you. As a “landmark”, there is also a small basketball court right there.

-You may also get buses 021, A7, B7, Gamma7 either from Kaniggos Square or from 30 Harilaou Trikoupi St., and get off at the 3rd stop (KALLIDROMIOU Bus Stop), at about 90 Harilaou Trikoupi St.
Turn left on Kallidromiou St. (on Saturdays there’s a farmer's market here which you might enjoy). Turn right and walk up the steps where Kallidromiou meets the end of Emmanouil Benaki St. You will see the path leading up to the hill right in front of you.

A walk at Lofos Strefi can be combined with:
-a stroll in the center of Athens (Syntagma Square, Panepistimiou St, Akadimias St., Kolonaki neighborhood)
-a visit at the Pnevmatiko Kentro Athinon (City of Athens’ Cultural Center) if there’s an exhibition there.
-an early morning visit in the Archaeological Museum and early lunch, possibly at the Exarcheia neighborhood.

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  1. A really unterated street of Athens. I hope you have made a work about Kipseli.


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